About PDR

PDR has been producing clothing and dressing champions since 1977. We have been the number 1 choice at all levels of competition because we deliver a high quality garment on time - everytime.  For all your uniform needs, we offer the best solution.

Outside PDR Sport Building

When it comes to high visibility, colour-fastness and getting a sharp print, there is no process better than sublimation printing, sublimation printing is the direct transfer of dye into the fibres within the fabric. Translated, this means that you get garments that stay vibrant for longer and a printed fabric that breathes.

Our fabrics are made utilising the latest in technology and are lightweight, robust, fast drying and resist creasing. As a result our garments require a minimum of maintenance in order to maintain their original good looks.

PDR is setting new standards in an industry notorious for being unreliable. The new benchmarks that we are setting are:

* Delivery on time every time - "We guarantee it!"
* Substantially reducing lead-times - Between 4-6 weeks from garment specification.
* Setting price points that make high quality garments affordable to everyone

PDR is a family owned company, when you pull on a PDR garment, you are supporting Australian small business.